It's in the sugar


My dad gave our 2 month old English bulldog puppy a taste of strawberry Popsicle today. This is true happiness.

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let’s hear it for captain america

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"You turned my gentle friend into a weapon and I am less than thrilled about it"

#and i will go cry myself to sleep because bucky was drafted into a war he never wanted to fight and a war he never wanted steve to fight#and he goes in there and gets captured and tortured and experimented on and at least steve isn’t there#but then#steve is there and he’s no longer physically the guy bucky left behind#just a weapon for the world to use in a war bucky doesn’t want to fight in#just another thing the war has changed for bucky#just another place and another person that bucky will never be able to look at without thinking of the war and the horror#and yeah the corruption that turned him into that#he can no longer protect steve he is the protected#and god knows now he can’t even pretend he’s fighting for steve’s happiness because steve is right there beside him and he won’t ever be able to forget the things he’s seen either#fuck#fUCK THIS#ugh (via myadamantiumheart)

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I cleaned my desk just so I could have room to work on these babies.

I cleaned my desk just so I could have room to work on these babies.

My top Grace videos - 1/? ‘Club girls have so much fun.’ Aka Grace’s ‘Just Dance’ lipdub

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